About Shannon

about_shannon_pic Shannon Kenitz is the Executive Director of the International Hyperbarics Association. The IHA is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for neurological conditions through education, research and funding of treatments for families in need. To find out more about IHA visit: www.IHAUSA.org

Shannon has been working in the field of hyperbaric medicine since 2003 as a prominent advocate for the treatment of special needs children. Her passion to help others was motivated by her youngest daughter, Grace. Contributing her recovery to HBOT, Grace defied the odds and numerous doctors, which served as the catalyst for Shannon to begin her journey to inform other families about hyperbarics. Shannon's work has engaged the interest of people from all walks of life and led her to the U.S. capital to present how the future of hyperbaric medicine can improve the quality of life for thousands of people living with various neurological conditions.

Shannon is instrumental in the education of primary physicians on the benefits of HBOT and is highly recognized in the hyperbaric medical community as an authority on its treatment for neurological conditions. The IHA is the leading hyperbaric organization offering support to medical professionals interested in implementing HBOT into their practices. Shannon has helped hundreds of medical professionals create and maintain their hyperbaric practices.

Shannon is a nationally recognized speaker and has been the keynote speaker at many national conferences such as United States Autism and Asperger Association, National Autism Association, Autism One and Talk about Curing Autism (TACA). She has received many rewards and honors for her work in the field of hyperbaric medicine. Shannon received national attention after she appeared on The Montel Williams Show to talk about how HBOT saved her daughter's life. Shannon is the founder of the Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center; an integrative medical center that specializes in HBOT.

Shannon Kenitz resides in Madison, Wisconsin with her two daughters Lily and Grace.