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  • 27 Jul, 2016

Many of you are asking for updates on Grace so I thought I would take this  week’s blog and use it for an update.
You know when you have someone in your life and they always seem to amaze you with their resilience? Well, that would pretty much sum up my daughter Grace and how I feel about her. She is simply amazing.
Grace will be entering her “Senior” year of high school in exactly 44 days and I am in awe of this young girl. Grace, as many of you know, was not supposed to live past the age of two and we almost lost her more times than I care to remember… but now we are planning her senior year and senior pictures! If you don’t know her story please go to the About Grace page to learn more about her. She is beautifully amazing.
Grace and Lily just returned from vacation with their father where Grace walked on her own about 1.5 miles per day – quite a feat since the doctors told us she would never walk. And as I write this blog, Grace is at the pool swimming on her own, with no assistance and loving every minute of the time she has in the water! Again, a great feat since she was never supposed to understand how to comprehend directions to learn how to do anything, especially swimming.
Last night, Grace attended a local art class (now this a huge success as Grace really hates anything that she has to use her fine motor skills with) but she lasted the two hours and made me some incredible art decor that I will proudly be displaying in our home.
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Tonight, as I get her dinner ready, Grace will take a handful of supplements and a few medications but it will be a simple task compared to feeding her through her tube and giving her 42 pharmaceutical medications. That life is over for us. Then after dinner we will be going to a minor league baseball game where Grace will proudly cheer and yell which is again, another amazing feat as she was never suppose to speak.
Many of you know the power of a parents drive and the will for our kids to have a better shot in life, but I know 110% that none of the great accomplishments would have ever happened for Grace and our family had it not been for the power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Grace Still uses her chamber daily and it has by far, been the “it” factor for us.
To all those doctors that told me that Grace would never understand love or that I was her mom, I would like you to know that my daughter not only understands love and knows that I am her momma, but she understands that with love and hope, even a little girl who was once given no chance at life and was called “retarded,” is now defying them all.
Tonight when I get Grace ready for bed and I read her a story, we will laugh and be silly and then she will ask for “more.” I’ll say, “Grace, one more book then we have to get to sleep. You have summer school tomorrow.” She will then be a typical teenager and say, “NO” loudly, but when it is all said and done, after I turn off her light, kiss her good night and say, “I love you” to her, she will reach up and touch my cheeks and say, “love Momma.”
My Cup runneth over.

3 thoughts on “A Place For Grace Update”

  1. this made me cry when i read this I been following her ever seen she was a Lil girl grace made me became who i am today with my daughter i love my daughter to death Shannon I love you as well you teach me to not give up on my daughter.. <3

  2. So grateful our paths have crossed you are a wonderful and special human being Shannon! Thank you for sharing this update of Shannon andGrace. You’ve both been through some amazing challenges thank you for being such a role models to all of us!

  3. Wow, Shannon. Thank you so much for the update. Hard to believe Grace is already close to high school graduation! It’s been wonderful watching her grow and thrive all because of HOT and your incomparable persistence. God bless.

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