• By Shannon Kenitz
  • 07 Jul, 2016

Something happened last week that really made the “mama bear” in me come out and I feel like I have to say this out loud…

I’m on here a lot to talk about hope and to tell Grace’s story, but this past week I witnessed something amazing in my daughter, Lily, that ended in such disappointment for her and for me because I have always tried to teach my daughters about respect, human kindness and giving back.

We were at LAX, in the admirals club, when my Lily recognizes one of her favorite actors on the show Orange Is The New Black. Now Lily knows and understands what being respectful is and what privacy is, so she asked me if it would be okay if she wrote this actor a quick note. I said, “sure just put it down next to them as you walk by so you don’t draw any attention to them,” which is exactly what she did. The reaction she received back from this actor was a horrible display of gratitude and kindness and the show just lost their biggest fan. My daughter is the kindest person and most loyal friend and I know that this actor and the show was lucky to have her as fan. I don’t need to call out this person by saying a name because that would show disrespect on our end and they already know whom they are, but I would think that if someone is giving you a compliment, you should at least smile as it costs you nothing. Instead, what we witnessed was a glare and then a tossing of the note to the side and she purposely made sure Lily saw that she left the note there.

Now I have been very blessed in my life to meet and know some great actors and they all say the same thing… that the day someone doesn’t recognize them or even say things like “we love you or your character,” it’s a day they no longer have a job. I would of expected more from this actor and I don’t mean by way of a picture or autograph but just a simple smile or nod – that’s all. Kindness goes a long way and when someone gives you a compliment in life, no matter whom you are, you should always remember to give a smile. I walked up and got the note that Lily wrote and now we will have it at our home as a reminder that when someone gives us a compliment, we respect him or her back by a simple smile or nod.

In all walks of life, human kindness goes along way.

Kindness always shines through,

5 thoughts on “Kindness Goes A Long Way”

  1. So sorry for Lily. That actor does not realize that fans like Lily are the ones that help her keep her job. A smile or nod would cost that actor nothing.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this. Apparently this person was not taught the meaning of respect and dignity. I met you and Lily in St Charles in June for dinner with about 10 other people and cocktails at The Rox after. I also worked with Lily for the event that week and I can’t think of a more respectful, caring, beautiful, hard working lady. Shame on that actor, he just lost another fan.

  3. This makes me SO angry. Having met Lily and “seen her in action”, I know how discrete she was. She rubs elbows with celebrities like a pro. I have no concept of what she could have possibly done to solicit that reaction. Oh wait, she did nothing but compliment an arse!!! I hate that happened to her.

  4. So sorry to hear about that incident. You are spot on when it comes to acknowledging a simple gesture. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I think you meant to say the actress displayed “ingratitude” and “unkindness,” (you wrote that she displayed gratitude and kindness) but your message comes across loud and clear. Reading this made my heart ache. I’m so sorry this happened.

    I can’t help but wish there was a way to let this person know how hurtful her actions were, without it resulting in an internet shaming dogpile, which is both distasteful and unnecessary. But kudos to you and to Lily for sharing it and letting the world know that kindness is always an easy choice! <3

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Something happened last week that really made the “mama bear” in me come out and I feel like I have to say this out loud… I’m on here a lot to talk about hope and to tell Grace’s story, but this past week I witnessed something amazing in my daughter, Lily, that ended in such disappointment for … Continue reading “Kindness Goes A Long Way”

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