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  • 21 Nov, 2016

Thank you so much to all of those who sent in cards letters and emails to my team. This article came as a complete surprise to me however it truly came at a time when I needed a reboost. We all have those weeks, days and moments in our lives when nothing goes as we would like and we lose sight of all we have accomplished for ourselves and our loved ones. We may even lose hope, but then we are reminded and we pick ourselves up and move forward with the strength and determinations that we have always had inside us. I am no different – I have good days and bad days, but I truly believe that when we have hope, anything is possible.

Below is an excerpt from the EP Magazine article:

In the US this month, we will be gathering around the table with family and friends for Thanksgiving. This is a time for sharing an abundance of delicious foods, conversation, and sometimes football. It is also a time of reflection and gratitude. Many families celebrate the tradition by encouraging each person to share what they are grateful for. Often, that includes gratitude towards people who have touched our lives in a special way, encouraged us through tough times and helped us through some of life’s devastating hurdles.

There is a very special person that I would like to feature this month, a person who certainly has had her share of devastating hurdles to tackle, yet she always finds time and a way to help others. Shannon Kenitz is one you may recall from previous stories about her daughter Grace, who was born with a rare mitochondrial disorder and was not expected to live past the age of two.

Grace Kenitz, is a special needs attending public school and celebrating “warrior child” with strength and her sweet 16 birthday party, Shannon determination. She continues to believes HBOT played a huge role reach one milestone after another, as she ( “All I can say is that Shannon is my hero. I owe her a debt that never can be repaid.” mother for Grace, but she never overlooks Lily or her needs. She carves out time to make Lily feel special, as often a home with a special needs child takes a great portion of the attention.” Grace just attended her prom, very typical for most kids in high school but not for most special needs children. Grace continues to beat the odds with her achievements and Shannon attributes the milestones to Grace’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments. She feels that if it were not for the HBOT treatments, Grace would not have survived. Shannon consistently gives credit to HBOT for Grace’s story of hope and the quality of life she can have. From increasing Grace’s mental focus, to her walking out of her wheel chair speaking.

Not only has Shannon been a warrior mother for Grace, she never overlooks her typical daughter, Lily, and her needs. She carves out time to make Lily feel special, as often a home with a special needs child takes a great portion of the attention. Even after all the devastation that Shannon has experienced with Grace’s condition, she is always available to lend a hand to other families coping with special needs chil- dren. I would like to share notes of gratitude other warrior parents have shared about Shannon Kenitz…

For the full article, please click here.

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